January 19, 2010

Nance: I'm committed and plan to stay that way

"It was real fun. My roommate, Jordan Matthews, didn't get there until later Friday evening, but I saw him when we checked back in and that was good meeting him. He's a later commit, and a receiver, so that was really good. My player host was Ryan van Rensburg. I got to meet all of the families and players and you know, at Vanderbilt, you never see like any thugs or anything, so it was really great atmosphere. Me, Trent Pruitt, Chris Boyd, you know, we all got to hang out most of the time we were there, it was just really neat to hang out with those guys. We had talked recently even before we up for the visit so we had already been introduced to each other, so it was just really fun to hang out with those guys, by future teammates. It was definitely fun.

"Everyone was really close and I think we bonded really well. I think all of the dinners and the way they were set up was really neat. I got to spend some time with Coach Kiser and Coach Cain as well as Coach Johnson, so it went really well."

"The first night that I was there, I was seated with Coach Johnson and that kind of hit me [how serious they were]. They told me that I was the leader of that recruiting class and how important I was because this was the best recruiting class they've had in a while. I think our class is going to come in and make a difference and they just expressed how important it was for me in their offense. If everything goes the way it should, I think I'll have about three years to start and three years in the SEC is really big deal, so it was really cool to talk to the coaches and talk about my future there. So it was definitely a big impact on me."

Calhoun senior year

"Well all summer, our goal was to win the state championship and you know we went undefeated and then just came up three points shy. Everybody has their days and we just a couple of things that happened in that game. I just think it wasn't meant to be, I think God has bigger and better plans for us. It was a great season though, we had fun in all the way getting to the Dome but we just couldn't accomplish that win. It was great though, I couldn't ask for a better year, I got to be around all of my friends that I grew up with as a kid and just building those relationships back up, there was nothing like it. I couldn't ask for a better year at Calhoun.


"I think one of the biggest things was the crowd at Calhoun, there was just so much anomisty in the crowd every Friday night. It was crazy, having that kind of fanbase. It was just really loud and you couldn't hear yourself think at times during the game, so playing in front of a big crowd like that, times like thirty, was like a introduction to a big league atmosphere. So that helped. I also improved on reading coverages a lot more, and just being able to do a lot of things not just out of the shotgun but under center as well. We had a lot of different packages and I think, a real high-powered offense. We had just so many different weapons, and getting the ball to all of the guys was a challenge. I got to know the offense more and how the coaches wanted to run it. I think it got me a lot ready for college than it would have had I been back at Darlington. Just the crowd as well as the offense and playing against a lot better teams in the playoffs, the adversity that goes with that, I think prepared me for college. I mean, we killed everyone during the regular season and then come playoffs, it's close games in crunch time. I think that just helped me mature as a quarterback overall.

"I do think I'm still young as a quarterback though, because I had only started my freshman year before this year, so I think I still have a lot more to learn and I just can't wait. I think my upsides a lot higher than some of these other highly touted quarterbacks out there."


"When I came to Calhoun, I knew that I definitely needed to step up because it was my last year. So when we would come to the sidelines, whether we scored or not, I was just trying to get with my receivers and my linemen and just try to get everyone focused, especially if something bad happened. You've just got to stay positive in those situations. I think leadership is a great intangible for a quarterback because you're supposed to be the leader out on the field and everybody looks up to you. So if you have a bad play or something, you can't keep your head down, you've got to move to the other player because your teammates are looking to you for that next play. I think I took a big step there, and matured more as a quarterback. I think that's something they liked about me at Vanderbilt."

recruitment update

"My family and I have talked about it, but I'm 100-percent Vanderbilt right now and I committed to them. You know, it's just something that I've got to pray about and keep talking to my family to make sure it's the right decision to go to Vanderbilt. As of right now, I'm committed and I plan to stay that way."


"I've applied for the Peabody College there and possibly after I get there, I may look into something either medical or in law if I have a like a 3.5 or higher. I might change my major one or two times once I get up there, but I'm sure in between my freshman and sophomore year I'll really know what I'm going to do. Right now though, it's probably between Peabody, medical or law."

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