January 7, 2010

Meet the Class of 2010: Pete Thomas

Fear, excitement, skepticism. There are so many emotions that can go through a high school graduate's mind as one gets closer to moving away to college. For El Cajon (CA) Valhalla quarterback Pete Thomas, this transition is happening sooner than anyone else in Colorado State's class of 2010.

Thomas a December graduate, meaning he will join the Rams in camp and start his college career when Colorado State begins classes for the Spring 2010 semester on Jan. 19. It's a new life that he's ready to get underway.

"It feels really good, I actually take my last high school finals this Friday (Jan. 8)," Thomas said. "I just can't wait to get up to CSU and start working out, start school and start watching film and working in that weight room."

The southern California QB seems very excited about the new venture he's about to begin. When asked about what general aspect of college or the city of Fort Collins, Thomas replied that it was all about football.

"I'm just ready to get in the weight room and get big and learning the offense from Coach Fairchild. The biggest thing will be learning the offense and learn from Coach Fairchild since he definitely knows what he's talking about."

After a lot of football talk, Thomas did finally add that he enjoys to snowboard and has been on the slopes since he was three years old and used to always visit his cousins in Oregon for spring break to go skiing.

He has also said before that he's excited to have a chance to live in Colorado, just two hours away from his older brother who attends the Air Force Academy.

The well-mannered Thomas was born and raised in El Cajon, Calif., and has lived there his entire life. A suburb of San Diego, the four-star prospect said that if there was anything unique about his hometown it would be that El Cajon has the nation's second highest ratio of Iraqi-Americans in the United States, behind Detroit, Mich. Thomas says that a lot of his friends and teammates are from Iraqi heritage.

It would appear that Thomas is the all-American teenager, one that fathers want their daughters do date with how respectful he is. He claims his personality and work ethic come from the principles learned from his parents.

"My parents always taught me that hard work pays off and nothing easy is ever worthwhile," said Thomas, ranked as the No. 19 pro-style quarterback in the class of 2010. "I really just learned these things from my parents and both my grandparents. They've all worked very hard for what they have and they have a great life now."

If Thomas keeps the same attitude he has now once he reaches Fort Collins and enters what looks to be a very tough battle for the starting quarterback position, he too could be living the "good life" leading the CSU Rams back to another bowl berth 2010.

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