December 16, 2009

Budmayr fully recovered from injury

MADISON - Back in August's fall camp it did not take long for freshman quarterback Jon Budmayr to make an impression and build off his solid performance in spring practice. He came into camp and was firing footballs around in an effective manner and opening some eyes.

Shortly thereafter though, he noticed a pain in his elbow and that derailed the first half of his first season as a member of the Wisconsin football team. Now, as the Badgers prepare for their upcoming opponent, caught up with the freshman signal caller.

The following is a question and answer with Budmayr:

Obviously you got hurt in fall camp. I was just wondering, how'd that injury go and how long did it take you to get back into the flow of things?

Budmayr: It was just kind of an injury in my elbow and it was just kind of from overuse, overthrowing and stuff. So I just had to shut it down for six to eight weeks then worked back into it. I was kind of on a pitch count for a little while and now I'm back to full go.

Was there any surgery or anything you had to have?

Budmayr: No, luckily there wasn't. It was just with the muscles in there so we didn't have to do surgery on it.

It was just from throwing so much?

Budmayr: Yeah, just overuse and it might have been a couple of deep balls there towards the end of fall camp. It just wasn't feeling right.

So when you came back from the injury how did it go?

Budmayr: It was alright. It took a few weeks to get back into it and stuff. Obviously, like I said, I'm was on a pitch count so I kind of had to work back up and get my strength back. It was kind of nice because at the same time I got to make a lot of gains in the weight room with my lower body.

Have you added weight at all?

Budmayr: A little bit. I'm just over 200 right now.

Is that where you want to be?

Budmayr: Yeah, I mean, anywhere around there just as long as I can still move pretty well. Obviously I'm always looking to get bigger and better.

With the pitch count, did they have a daily limit and what was that?

Budmayr: Yeah, we just kind of slowly worked up. We'd start at 30 to 40 and we're always working 15-20 yards and work up from there. Eventually, (I) worked back into scout team just being able to throw. Obviously you've got to keep it in the back of your head, but (it's) pretty much gone now.

Were they reps or just kind of throwing on the side?

Budmayr: It started out just throwing on the side and then worked into reps.

Obviously now in bowl prep, is it kind of nice to get back into doing some Wisconsin vs. Wisconsin stuff instead of doing scout work all the time?

Budmayr: Definitely. It sure is. Especially when I was hurt there I was going over a lot of our stuff because I wasn't doing scout team. So I had a lot of free time to look over our offense and everything. Now, to get back in there and run it, it's pretty beneficial now.

Where are the coaches projecting you as far as any playing time in the future. Obviously Scott Tolzien will be back and Curt Phillips, but…

Budmayr: To be honest, we haven't even been talking about it right now. Their (the coaches) focus is each week on the game at hand. I think after the season we'll probably sit down. I know I'll have some things that I want to share and they'll give me a better idea of what's going on.

Do you have any expectations. Are you hoping to get playing time or anything?

Budmayr: Honestly, whatever I can do to help the team right now. Then I'll come out and compete each day in spring practice and then next year in fall camp. I'll just try to get better each day and support whoever is in there.

What's the mindset when you're doing bowl prep? Is it kind of the start of the next season for you guys?

Budmayr: Yeah, a lot us are getting some work in here and it's kind of a jump start into spring ball.

Were you scared when you first got injured with the elbow?

Budmayr: I was a little bit. Yeah, just because it turned black and blue and was a little swollen and stuff. I never had any trouble with my elbow, so at first I was a little bit (scared). Then we took an MRI and it turned out that it was just a torn muscle and I just needed to rest it.

It must have been a sense of relief.

Budmayr: Yeah, exactly. You just don't want to mess with any ligaments in there.

So everything is good to go?

Budmayr: Good to go. Good to go.

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