November 16, 2009

Sooner Commit Could be in a Surprising Position

Much of the talk about the recent release of Quentin Hayes' film on last week most has revolved around his future as an Oklahoma safety. However it seems too many people have may have assumed they knew where the 6-foot-1, 175-pound would be playing for the Sooners.

The three-star defensive back from Lancaster, Texas clarified which member of the Sooner secondary he was watching closely during his official visit this weekend.

"They like me at cornerback. When I watch the game I was pretty much watching the whole team, the secondary and the coverage they are playing," Hayes said. "They have told me to keep an eye on Brian Jackson and I can see how that works, we have similar size, by the time I've been there for a few years hopefully I'll be as big as him."

Of course while on the visit he and his good friend Demontre Hurst talked about the thought of playing across from one another as Jackson and Dominique Franks now do.

More than anything though Hayes just enjoyed spending some time around his old, and future, teammate and getting the low down on Oklahoma from someone he trusts.

"I had a real good weekend, and I had a lot fun," he said. "It was a lot better than hanging out with someone you just met. You are cool with him so it makes stuff a lot easier," he explained.

"The thing that was new to me was I got to go inside one of the computer areas of the school that I hadn't seen before but everything else I had done before."

The computer labs may have been a first-time experience for Hayes but Oklahoma's 65-10 shellacking of Texas A&M wasn't his first time to watch the Sooners play. It was however his first chance to really watch Oklahoma's defense at full tilt.

He came in expecting the Sooners to collect a solid win but had not anticipated such a solid defensive performance.

"They played a real good game, I wasn't as surprised, I thought it would be a tougher game but when they broke away," he said. "I guess it wasn't really that surprising. That's what they should have been doing all year!"

During his time on campus he hung out with Hurst a great deal but the three-star defensive back made a point to hang out with the rest of the official visitors and more of his future teammates.

"Yeah we were hanging out with everybody else, we pretty much hung out with the whole team, I like them as teammates, it's going to be pretty good to be there," he said. "We were just cooling and hanging around."

Before he left he spent some time hanging around with his future head coach Bob Stoops and says that the topics were fairly mundane but he admits that the more they talk the more easy it becomes to speak to a face he's seen on national television time and time again.

"We talked about winning Big 12 championships but mostly about academics and keeping grades up but that was pretty much it. We talk about Oklahoma having good people," he said.

"I really have gotten used to talking to him, I wasn't in amazement. It's just this is going to be my football coach and I'll pretty much see him every day."

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