November 2, 2009

Monday Morning QB: Ole Miss at AU

Auburn 33 Ole Miss 20

Welcome to the eighth edition of's latest feature, Monday Morning Quarterback, where each week several former Auburn players give their thoughts and opinions on the Tigers' latest game.

Grab your coffee, pull up a seat, sit back and read all about what they think and thought about Auburn. The former players give their input, insight and opinion of the Tigers' 31-10 loss at LSU, the current status of their former positions and more.

For objectivity purposes - we want the former players to be honest, good or bad, with their assessments - the ones that wish will remain anonymous.


Former Auburn quarterback Ben Leard:
On the win against Ole Miss…
"That was a huge win. It was really a truly, truly must-win for them. They have really propelled themselves of getting out of the scenario of losing every game until the end of the year. Now they have positioned themselves to beat Furman and then come up on a Georgia team that is really struggling. I think confident-wise, it helps Auburn tremendously for them to have beat Ole Miss and do what they did from a firepower perspective and play as good defensively as they did to lead them into the last couple of games of the year.

"The win is tremendous for Auburn's confidence. Ole Miss isn't an automatic win anymore. Not since Eli Manning was there and now Houston Nutt is there, that's not going to be an automatic 'W'. It's a huge, huge boost of confidence for those Auburn kids, especially coming off of three losses and to win that game at home, give them that win at home and get them bowl eligible. Those bowl practices are big. Going to a bowl is big, it's a grand experience that those kids should not and cannot take for granted. And now that they are bowl eligible, they are playing for a better bowl now. Win. Win and go to a better bowl."

On Chris Todd's performance…
"He improved. His guys made some plays for him. The offensive line blocked well. All around, they did things the way they were supposed to do the last three weeks and they did them like they did in the first five weeks of the season. Terrell Zachery made big catches. Darvin Adams made big catches. Mario Fannin, Ben Tate, caught some balls out of the backfield. In general, Chris had a confidence boost. Things went his way early and he wasn't fighting to get into a rhythm. He was on top from the get-go. They really took advantage of the mistakes Ole Miss made."


More from Leard:
On Tate against Ole Miss…
"Consistency. That's the word when you talk about Ben Tate. Rushing for that many yards against Ole Miss, and he's done in each and every week. You can't say enough about what he's doing. I think Ben would be the first to tell you he can't do it by himself. The guys in front of him are doing a heck of a job. They've been doing it all season........

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