October 27, 2009

Allen embraces role as third option

The wet, sloppy conditions did not stop the Ramblin Wreck offense in Charlottesville as they went for 447 total yards, 362 of which came on the ground. Their performance in the running game was their second best of the season and maintained their status as the second best rushing team in the nation. In particular, Anthony Allen had an outstanding game, going for 103 rushing yards and two touchdowns on only 11 carries. Jacketsonline recently caught up with him to get his exclusive take on the team's successful season thus far.

Describe your emotions and the team's emotions after the big win against UVA.

"It was a big win because it put us in first place in the ACC Coastal Division. There were definitely high emotions in the locker room and it was bigger than the Virginia Tech win."

Did you get back in time to see the end of the Clemson game? If so, how were you feeling watching Miami lose to give Georgia Tech control of their own destiny again?

"Yeah, we got back just as they were going into overtime. As soon as I turned the television on it was actually on that third down play. As soon as I saw that they scored the touchdown, I started screaming. My roommate called my phone and other people called my phone, it was big."

The mentality is a little different now. Before you were not the team on top that other people were shooting for, but now you are. Many times there is a tendency to let up a bit, but how does the team stay focused?

"We can't be satisfied with where we are in the BCS. We cannot be satisfied with where we are at on the season yet. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. We need to keep that mentality that we are still the underdogs and that people are still doubting us and we've got to go out there and play Yellow Jacket football."

You had a great game yourself against UVA, showcasing some of your moves and doing well to keep your pad level low. How would you describe your running style?

"I would describe myself as a power runner, but with some elusiveness. I try to display all of that, but it is really just whatever I feel like doing. If I feel like running them over, I am going to try to run them over. If I feel like shaking them, I am going to try and shake them. If I feel that I can out run them, I'm going to try and out run them."

You got more carries this pas week than in previous games. Was that by design?

"That's just how the triple option works. One game Josh will have 30 carries, one game Dwyer will have 30 carries, then the next game one of the A-backs will have 15 carries. It is all based on what the defense tries to stop. Your time will come, it is all about patience. As long as we get the win, that's all that matters."

You also play with a lot of emotion. At one point in the game, you took a big hit, but you got right back up as if to indicate that you were not going to back down. Describe how playing with that emotion helps you.

"I go into the game with a lot of enthusiasm and I think that I motivate a lot of guys. I cannot let my teammates see me down. I have to stay hyped up on every play, no matter what happens. Even if it's a five yard loss, I get right back up and know that the next time I need to do something special."

How do you stay dialed in, especially when the next opponent is a non-conference team like Vandy, who has not had the best of seasons so far?

"Coach always preaches, when you win one game then the next one becomes even bigger. This week is big, because we go in thinking that if we lose, we may knock ourselves out of a potential tiebreaker situation in the ACC. We have to go into every game thinking that we have to win. Our tails are against the burner right now."

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