October 22, 2009

Dawgs fan out for restfull weekend

Like the rest of his Georgia teammates, offensive lineman Clint Boling is looking forward to Saturday's open date, his first spare weekend since preseason drills got underway.

So what will he be doing with his free time? He'll be going to a football game.

Boling, along with teammates Ben Jones, Kevin Perez and Josh Davis will be attending Saturday's game in Tuscaloosa between Alabama and Tennessee.

"We'll probably see what the tailgating experience is like, but we're mainly going to watch the game and have a good time," said Boling, who laughed that he has no rooting interest in the contest. "I'm completely unbiased. I just want to see a good game."

Actually, Boling and company are going as guests of Jones, a native of Centreville, Ala. whose brother plays baseball for the Crimson Tide.

"We'll be staying at Ben's house," Boling laughed. "He knows the area pretty well, so I'm sure he'll show us a good time."

Boling won't be the only Bulldog checking out some pigskin action on Saturday.

Head coach Mark Richt will be driving up to Mars Hill, N.C. watch his son Jon and Mars Hill College take on Lenoir Rhyne.

The younger Richt, who has completed 53 of 118 passes for 744 yards and seven touchdowns with nine interceptions, shares the starting quarterback role with California native Luis Cruz. The Lions are 5-2 this year.

Many other Bulldogs are headed out of town as well.

Defensive end Justin Houston is headed back to his hometown of Statesboro to spend time with family, as is cornerback Brandon Boykin and freshman running back Washaun Ealey who is going back to his hometown of Stillmore and catch his little brother Wesley, a sophomore linebacker at alma mater ECI.

Other players are just going to hang out in Athens.

Count defensive tackle Jeff Owens among that crowd.

"I'll just stay here, watch a lot of football, play at lot of NCAA," Owens said. "I love football, I love the sport. That's what I'm passionate about so I'm going to stay into it."

Quarterback Joe Cox says he'll likely hang out in Athens, too. But he plans on putting his time to practical use getting ready for next week's game against Florida.

"I might go back home, but I really have no big plans," Cox said. "In the past, I really enjoyed my weekends off, but back then I wasn't playing and not having to worry about anything.

"I used to go and see my sister in Charleston and have a good time, but this time I don't need to go too crazy. So I think I'll probably just stay here so I can keep watching film and not feel like I've let a day go by where I couldn't take advantage of something. I might just end up staying here."

Linebacker Rennie Curran will be hitting the road but he won't be going too far.

Curran will be going up the road to his hometown of Snellville, where he will attending homecoming at high school alma mater Brookwood High which takes on rival Dacula.

But he's not going simply to shake a few hands.

"I think I'll be giving the motivation speech and just hang out," said Curran. "I always speak from the heart, keep it real. I just try to let them know how things are going to be and what they have to look forward to. I love it. I enjoy talking to young kids, to young athletes and try to motivate them, tell them my story and what it takes to achieve all your goals."

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