August 11, 2009

A more competitive practice

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen took a break from the two-a-day schedule in order to have one true competitive practice.

Mullen had the offense and defense competing against one another during Tuesday morning's session coming down to a scrimmage period to close out the practice.

"It was a good hard practice today," Mullen said. "It was a little more competitive. We did a little more scrimmaging at the end. You saw some competitive juices coming out. We tried to break up the routine of going through all the drills of practice and put up a winner and a loser situation."

Mullen stated that his team did a better job of correcting the turnover mistakes from Monday morning's practice. The Bulldogs turned the ball over several times on Monday but he felt like the atmosphere surrounding today's practice aided in that regard.

"I thought today that was a little bit better," Mullen said. "I think the difference today is that we put them in competitive situations so they wanted to compete today. What they have to do is learn to work when we are not keeping score and they need to practice at that real high intensity and that's what we were missing yesterday that we got today."

Mullen is seeing progress from his safeties Zach Smith and Charles Mitchell who despite playing key minutes last season will both be coming into starting roles this year.

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