October 21, 2008

Croom's Tuesday Press Conference

It isn't a secret that Mississippi State has one of the worst offenses in the country.

The Bulldogs rank 111th nationally to be exact, averaging only 284.7 yards per game.

So one can understand why the focal point of Sylvester Croom's Tuesday press conference centered on their lack of offensive production and big play ability.

"A lot of our attack is geared around completing passes and guys making big plays after the catch in the passing game," Croom said. "You see that a lot of people do that now because it's very difficult to protect against defenses with all the different blitzes. If you really want to throw the ball downfield, it has to be one or two man routes. We did some of that the other day. We will continue to take more shots down the field as the opportunities present themselves."

Croom blamed their inability for the big play to a lack of speedy playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.

"(Brandon) McRae is our No. 1 guy because he is a guy that has got speed," Croom said. "I'll be very honest about it, if you have watched enough of our games you will know that we don't have great speed. The guys that we thought were going to give us speed are all hurt and out for the season; O'Neal Wilder, Robert Elliott and Marcus Green. Those are three guys that we expected in spring practice to give us big play potential and those are the guys that really have the potential to get up field and win in one-on-one situations."

But Croom eluded that the Bulldogs may have a wild card up their sleeve come Saturday against Middle Tennessee.

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