September 15, 2008

McCorvey to simplify the offense

After a lackluster offensive showing Saturday and numerous blown assignments, Mississippi State offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey knew there was only one thing to do to resolve it.

Simply simplify.

The Bulldogs will 'cut back' some of its offense in order to maximize their potential and eliminate the mistakes that cost them a 3-2 decision against Auburn.

"(We have to) cut back on some of the things we ask them to do," McCorvey said. "If you've got problems like that, you don't keep adding. You cut back to try to minimize the mistakes."

MSU quarterback Wesley Carroll admitted the offense was a challenge to keep every player on the same page and execute their assignments correctly.

"It's very demanding and that's what keeps this offense in check," Carroll said. "Everybody does have to do their assignment. It's a very rare case when a play can go for positive yards where somebody messed up an assignment. It just holds everybody accountable and as long as everybody does their assignment, their one-eleventh of the play, then it will be a successful play."

McCorvey feels the Bulldogs made too many blunders during crucial points in the game the ultimately caused the offense to continually fail.

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