May 26, 2006

Magnolia Heights star gets first offer

While the trend this year has been for academy football players to head to the public school ranks to increase their exposure, Magnolia Heights big man Addison Lawrence has stood his ground and is now the proud recipient of his first offer.

He got the notification yesterday, but at first, thought it was just a joke. When he got confirmation, however, he finally realized his childhood dream.

"I just got an offer today (Thursday), it was my first offer," he said. "It was from Mississippi State.

"First I got a text message from Brick Haley. It said that they were offering me a scholarship to Mississippi State. I was making sure it wasn't one of my friends messing with me, so I called him and coach Croom liked my film and they wanted to offer me a scholarship, and they were doing their evaluation period today and the offer would be in the mail this week."

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