April 3, 2012

LeMay ready when called

Christian LeMay doesn't know when his time will come to lead Georgia as the Bulldogs' starting quarterback. It may be next year, perhaps the season after that.

But whatever the future holds for the redshirt freshman quarterback, he says he'll be ready.

"The Bible it says, 'In due season, you're time will come,'" LeMay said after practice Tuesday. "I'm looking at that, so when my season is here, I'm going to be ready. It will definitely be here at the University of Georgia and I'm definitely going to be ready to play."

As an early enrollee in 2011, LeMay believes progress is being made.

"I feel I'm doing well. You can always do better, there's been some bright spots, some in-between spots, but as a whole I've progressed a whole lot from last spring to this season, but the job's never done," he said. "There's a whole lot more that needs to continue to get done and I'm going to work hard."

He's also soaking in every bit of information he can.

Although starter Aaron Murray obviously continues to get most of the snaps, LeMay said he is taking advantage of the opportunities he does receive.

Even when he's on the sideline, there's still an opportunity to learn.

"I use all my time on the field as an opportunity. Even when I'm on the sideline it helps me look at the plays that they're running, let me look at everything that's going in, what they did wrong, what they did right," he said. "There are many little things you can critique on the sidelines, so even if you're not getting reps on the field, you're getting mental reps in your mind."

On the field, there's still learning to do as well.

In last Saturday's first scrimmage of the spring, LeMay threw for 44 yards, including a touchdown toss to roommate Justin Scott-Wesley.

"It wasn't my best day but that's one of the things we're building off of," LeMay said. "Justin's been catching a lot of balls for me. That's my roommate. If things go wrong that day I'll ask him. If I see things I try to perfect him and work on it."

LeMay expects Scott-Wesley to play a big role for the Bulldogs' offense this fall.

"The thing about Justin is he's a big body, I think 6-1 and 210," LeMay said. "He's got a big body, got good hands, and has great skills with the ball. I think he's going to play a key part of our offense and he's on the front part of my progressions, typically."

LeMay was intercepted once during the scrimmage, but that too, was something he can learn from.

"The game's slowing down a little bit for me. It's still D-1 football, it's still big ball, and it still moves fast," he said. "But going against a great defense like ours, I think I'm doing a pretty good job but I need to continue to do better."

LeMay's future this fall remains somewhat up in the air.

The Bulldogs hope to redshirt junior Hutson Mason, although if Murray gets hurt, LeMay knows there's a chance those plans change.

But LeMay isn't worried about that.

"Coach (Mike) Bobo just tells us to keep working, which I like. I'm going to work," he said. "It doesn't matter who's ahead, who's behind or who's beside. I'm just going to continue to be myself and continue to work hard."

LeMay has grown in other ways as well.

When he first arrived in Athens just over a year ago, LeMay said he barely weighed 180 pounds. Today, he comes in a lean, but heavier, 210.

On the field, he continues to learn, too.

"There's always more install, you can always learn more," he said. "I feel I've got a good understanding of the offense, not great. But I'm trying to be great. That's the thing. I'm striving every day to get better in my knowledge of it."