January 17, 2011

'State' of the program address

Dan Mullen just guided Mississippi State to a nine win season, an Egg Bowl and Gator Bowl Championship and a No. 15 ranking in just his second season as a head coach.

As the Bulldogs begin their offseason preparations, Mullen sat down with the media to discuss the state of the program.

Q: Will (Chris) Wilson be the sole coordinator?

Mullen: "Chris will be the coordinator and Geoff (Collins) will be the co-coordinator, very similar to what we did last year with those guys working together and sharing their responsibilities. There has to be one guy having the main title and one guy being the co-coordinator to assist with it. I think it also helps with the development of coaches, really helps us in the development of the staff and the development of coaches to the level I want them to be."

Q: What kind of coaching style does Collins have?

Mullen: "He's gonna be an in-your-face, high-energy, very detailed guy. When you come from the background I know he comes from, you better cross every 'T' and dot every 'I'. That's just some of the old-school background he was brought up in with the profession. Obviously, he has coordinator experience. I think the great thing in talking with him is he had coordinator experience early in his career and then got to go see a different level of football. He came back to be a coordinator again, then went to not as a coordinator again. Then he was a coordinator again last year and saw a great improvement in FIU with that defense in just one season. When you get a chance to get into that position and then step back, you get to see things you can do better. The experience he's had over the years has really gotten him to be one of the best coaches in the country."

Q: What kind of recruiting background does he have?

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